Alright ESPN…

This man can help. All he needs is for Rick Pitino to give him a thumbs-up.

ESPN (otherwise known as the worldwide leader in sports, although we believe that RD connection is the best)  has currently paid more attention to the Eric Bledsoe situation at Kentucky rather than the numerous violations that UCONN has committed.  The University of Connecticut, (known for both Stanley Robinson’s haircut, and the prestigious football team) was recently cited for 8 NCAA violations in the men’s basketball program.  Although UCONN has committed 8 violations involving recruiting in men’s basketball, ESPN continues to follow Eric Bledsoe’s questionable academic scores in high school.  First off, if Eric Bledsoe had committed a violation, it had to do with high school, not the University of Kentucky.  Still, while UCONN is directly involved with 8 (yes 8, not 6 or 4…) ESPN is obsessed with the Eric Bledsoe situation because they are trying to take down John Calipari (again, the coach, not a historical figure) just because we are one of the best programs in college basketball.  Lastly ESPN loves the Big East in basketball, and even though the SEC had more teams in the sweet 16 than the Big East, ESPN continues to fall in love with the Big East (others include Duke and North Carolina, while UK falls last on their list).


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