Dennis Rodman’s Memorial Day News and Views

-Later tonight is the NCAA college lacrosse championship between Duke and Notre Dame. I truly have no idea who I am going to go for..I mean I  really do not like Duke or Notre Dame at all. I guess I am going to have to go for Duke just because.

-Does this post have anything to actually do with Dennis Rodman? The answer is no.

-The last American male tennis player in the French Open was defeated today. Oh well, get er’ next time.

Stanley Cup Finals between Chicago Blackhawks and the Philly Flyers game two tonight.

-That one tennis player Justine Henin has lost in the French Open breaking her streak there. Wait a second, didn’t she retire a few years ago?

-MLB is the same as usual. Nothing really interesting to point out now except for the Reds continuing their top of the division run.

-Randy Moss split up with his agent. Who cares?

-Kentucky secures what will be there second number one recruiting class in a row with likely another next year with commitments from Mike Gilchrist and Marquis Teague.

-Quick trivia.. Who was the last known Kentucky player to share the name Marquis?       Marquis Estil–Oh yeah.


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