Duke Wins It

Duke won its first men’s lacrosse national championship ever in overtime vs Notre Dame. After regular overtime, the score was still 5-5 entering sudden death overtime(first team to score wins). Then right into the faceoff, C.J. Costabile, a long pole midfielder put the ball into the net 5 seconds in. Crazy ending, crazy game. Duke pulled it off. Also, this was the lowest scoring championship game of all time in NCAA mens lacrosse. This was a monumental win for Duke because just a few years ago, there was the huge rape trial of three of their players. Big BIG win for the Dookies.

Then we come to the discussion of Notre Dame. Notre Dame played a GREAT game. They just couldn’t keep up. Yesterday, Duke beat Virginia to go to the championship. I think that if Virginia would have won, they would have beat Notre Dame and won it all. I would have rather had that story line. It was an extremely emotional tournament for Virginia fans with the loss of Yeardley Love. Virginia almost had it losing to Duke only by one with a late goal with only 12 seconds left.


One Response to Duke Wins It

  1. Jack says:

    Dang UVa lost but at least Duke won, which makes UVa look better haha

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