Faq: The Stanley Cup

What is the Stanley Cup?

The Stanley Cup is the championship series in the NHL.  The winner is decided by playing 7 games, or a 7 game series.  This first to 4 will win the Stanley Cup.

How do you get to the Stanley Cup?

You win each series (each of 7 games) to get to the championship.

You can’t just simulate or skip to the end?

No, thats only for video games, this is real hockey.

Oh, well who is playing in it this year?

The Chicago Blackhawks and the Philadelphia Flyers.

Alright they sound pretty cool, but can you name 5 other teams that play in this NHL thing?

Yes, the Penguins, the Capitals, the Red Wings, the Canadians, and the Canucks.

Those teams sound pretty cool but what exactly is a Canuck?

N. A word that refers to Canadians, mostly to French Canadians.

So there’s two Canadians in the NHL?

Yes, pretty much the whole league is Canadians since that is their national sport.

Oh, I thought that they only made bacon and really good maple syrup.  Have you had anything like that?

Yes, I do believe that everyone has had bacon and/or maple syrup in their lifetimes. Lets get back to hockey please.

Mmmm tasty, but anyway why is it called the Stanley Cup? Is it named after that guy on NBC on that one TV show?

The Office? No the Cup is named after Lord Stanley of Preston, an Englishman.

Oh ok, well that really clears things up. Thank you, and when can I view this game, will it be on my television set?

Yes it will be on your TV on NBC.

Well NBC must be really good.

Not really but your welcome.

Oh, well thank you anyway!

I believe that you have said that the last 5 times, but your welcome, come back any time.


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