Faq: The Big 10

What is the Big 10?

The Big 10 is the oldest division 1 college athletic conference.

Where is the ‘Big 10’ located?

The Big 10 is primarily located in the North Mid-Eastern area of the United States.

Oh, that’s cool. How many teams are in the Big 10?


Hey now, are you being sarcastic?


Oh, wow, so why is it called the Big 10?

There used to be 10 schools, however they added one more school to the conference.

Hmm. What school?

Pennsylvania State University (most commonly known as Penn St.)

Oh yeah! That one school with the really old coach!


Well, why does the Big 10 have 11 schools in it? 11 is an odd number.

Yes, good question. I have no clue.

Are they going to add another school or more to the conference?

Yeah, that’s what they are trying to do now.

Oh cool! Maybe they will add my team!

Yeah, what is your team?

Central Arkansas!


Oh, well what is the best team in the Big 10?

I think Michigan however many other people have different opinions.

Will you have another post about the Big 10 soon?

Planning on it.

Okay, well thank you so much!

Lets not start this again.


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