The Wacky Wandy Wodriguez’s Wednesday Writings

– Serena Williams was the last American to loose in the French Open today, as she lost to Samantha Stosur in the quarter finals of th event in Paris.  Like all Americans in tennis, lets give her a big “You’ll get it next year.”  The same woman also defeated the thought to be retired Justine Hennine earlier this week.

Ice Box is the early favorite in the Belmont, because frankly, now that Super Savor and Lookin’ at Lucky are not in it, everyone could care less.

– Andrew Bynum says that his knee is not feeling any better heading into tomorrow’s NBA Finals.  Again, can everyone say “Suck it up Andrew, its the NBA Finals.”

– Eric Bledsoe’s transcripts were believed to have been released by a college assistant coach, one that we are not aware of. Again the coach of this team tried to gain an edge on us, and unless it was WVU, face the facts, we beat you.  I do believe that this probably happened to your team at one point during the season.

– Lastly, Wandy Rodriguez has a 5.37 ERA and a 1.63 WHIP.  We will have to to get Jack in here to tell us what a WHIP is in baseball.

Update: Enes Kanter is believed to be upset that the latest undertaker video is labeled with an 18+ requirement.  It’s ok Enes you can get through this, all it takes is a little hard work and determination, and this could fulfill your dreams.  Let’s have everyone one say a big “Its alright, you will get er’ next time big man.”


3 Responses to The Wacky Wandy Wodriguez’s Wednesday Writings

  1. Jack says:

    Walks times hits divided by innings pitched. You want to have a low WHIP. If you had let up 4 walks and 8 hits in a season or a part of a season and pitched 9 innings, you’re WHIP number would be about 3.55.

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