Carrot Top’s Thursday News and Views

NBA finals tonight, you ready?

-Look for Rajon Rondo tonight to completely own Kobe.

-Does Carrot Top have anything to do with this post? The answer is no, just like our friend Dennis Rodman.

-Expect in a couple of weeks for RD sports to expand, we are looking to add 2 more writers. Brad Pollard and Jack Totty are in the lead to be the new writers. (pictures seen below)

-The Flyers took out the Blackhawks to conclude game 3 of the NHL finals. Now it is 2-1 in the Blackhawks advantage. Why are we covering the NHL? No clue.. At least we have not made any big posts about it.

-I am still really mad about the umpire ending the chance for Detroit’s perfect game. Agh, way to ruin history old man.

–Well look at our future everyone


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