RD’s FANS of the day need/don’t care about some notes about the NBA Finals

– What a well said BIG Big Ten Rant there by JR.  Well said.. Well said.

– Now on to what these fans care about, or not care about (the one on the left) the NBA Finals.

– Now as most of us know, or not know, the NBA Finals start Thursday Night in Los Angeles between the Lakers and the Celtics.  Almost everyone wants the Celtics to win because they don’t want to see another obnoxious celebration from Kobe Bryant.  Now lets catch up on some quick notes about the Finals.

– Andrew Bynum’s knee really is hurting him, but I believe that this is another of Phil Jackson’s crazy mind tricks.  Really guys, its the NBA Finals, its your dream, and I don’t think that his bruised knee is going to keep him away from playing.  Cmon Andrew, although I don’t want you to play, its the NBA Finals man.

– Also, Rajon Rondo is going to play through whatever injury he has currently, something that a big guy like Andrew cannot go through.  Not only is he playing through it, but he could be the biggest impact of the series depending on how it finishes and who gets the win.

– We all know that the difference maker of the series will be Adam Morrison, because of he distraction caused by his fluffy mustache.  He will be a big addition to helping Kobe Byrant get points, averaging over 0.3 assists per game. So like I said Kobe would be the difference maker.  Wait, what, oh ya sorry, I got the too confused because they both contribute the same amount of assists, unlike some free agents that I know.

– All in all, I believe the Lakers in 6 although the Celtics have the fighting Nate Robinson’s on there team.  Although I would have liked to have seen a Magic and Suns final, this will still be a good series.  Dwight and Nash, (maybe throw in a little bacon here and there) and it would be perfect in my mind.

– Now if you want to, lets all go listen to some KANSAS, and relax as we listen to the tune of the banjo.


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