FAQ: The NBA Finals

Well you told me I could come back any time, so here I am.

Great to see you again. What did you come for this time?

The NBA Finals.  What are the NBA Finals?

It is a playoff series just like the Stanley Cup, to determine the winner of the NBA.  It too, is a 7 game series.

Oh thats nice. So you get a degree for doing this?

NO. Thats an MBA, this is the NBA or National Basketball Association.

Oh they sound alike, but anyway who is playing this year?

The Celtics and the Lakers are in it this year, which is a great rivarly.

Oh like Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant?

Yes I guess you could say that.

So what exactly is a Laker?

I truly have no idea.

Alright, so who do you think will win?

I believe the Lakers in 6 games.

Oh so thats what the Traditional Tuesday Pick meant.

Yes that is what it meant.

Well Golly-ge-wilikers thanks a bundles!

Ok that’s just a little to far and I will cut you off before we get to all the thanks. See you next time.


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