Independence day of Tonga and the Battle of Midway’s Friday Night Blurb

The King of Tonga

– Today is the Independence day of Tonga, a country that has a population of 100,000, and named the Friendly Island.  Also today was one of the bloodiest days in World War 11 with the battle of Midway.  This is when the fighting Hiroshima’s suffered there first big defeat of the war.  Now on to the notes…

– Derrick Locke hurt his arm in a car accident earlier this week, so hopefully he will recover quickly.  We dont want him to lose his speed of a 4:10 40 yard dash.

– Also on another sad day, it was U YEONG CHOI’s last day yesterday as he goes back to Korea.  U Old Choi is expecting him back soon, so he had to go…

– Calipari denies that the NCAA is investigating UK in anything about Eric Bledsoe.  This is a really good thing, meaning that we will not receive any punishment from the NCAA.  He also denied rumors that he would coach Lebron, and that was a given because it would have been impossible to get those two at the same team because of the money issue, and that “he gets it, and poops ice cream” at UK.
– I will probably have two more posts tonight so look for those because I might have a surprise about he Big East…. it might go along the lines of JR’s Big Big Ten rant… Let’s just wait and see…


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