Sports Announcers. The Good and the Bad

Alright, This could be a huge rant that is bigger than the Big 10 one, however, I am not feeling it today. I, Jacob Rackmil, will miss the next 5 days. Ben Davis will be the only one writing for basically the next week. So you millions of people viewing this right now(hyperbole), expect it to be a slow week because it is bound to be hard for Ben to make twice the amounts of posts nevertheless the average of posts he publishes lately. He is a busy man hittin’ up the links and playing balencesto as well. Brad and Tots will be here soon RD fans, trust me. Now on to the post. I am just going to give a list with a brief description of each.


Gus Johnson- Best that is out there right now. He is so enthusiastic and makes you have an extremely large adrenaline rush.

Dick Vitale- Sometimes gets a little annoying, but does lean on sides of certain teams (cough cough Duke UNC Kentucky).

Bill Raftery- Ehh he is okay, not bad or good.

Jimmy Dykes- He sometimes has NO IDEA what he is talking about, however just barely makes the good side.

Brad Nessler- This fellah really depends. You can either hate him or not really care. I am on the not really care side.

Hubert Davis- Good announcer, does not do many games however is very good when he does them.

Jim Nantz- Funny on that one Flo TV commercial, entertaining, has a good voice for announcing sports games.

Verne Lundquist- Enthusiastic like Gus, but gets annoying at times.

Tony Kornheiser- Funny, great, PTI, one of my personal favorites.

Mike Wilbon- Same as above. (Tony Kornheiser)


Bob Knight (seen above)- You suck. So boring. Why would ESPN hire a guy who is a piece of work, throws chairs, and hits players. Oh well he did win a national championship! Yeah who cares. Indiana ohhhh, Bob Knight ohhh best coach of all time NO. Worst moment of Bob Knight(Not as announcer). Knight was watching his son coach at Texas Tech and they were playing Washington. At the time Washington was #9 and Texas Tech big underdog. Tech hit a game winner(eventually would be reviewed and ruled no basket however Tech would go on to win in double overtime) and the camera flashes to Bob Knight sitting in a box. The crowd, going crazy, rushing the court, happiness everywhere, and the camera flashes to Bob Knight’s overall mean and unhappy face and he had no reaction at all. It is human to have happy emotional facial expressions when something good happens but oh I forgot, you are one of those people that thinks it’s cool not to be happy. Oh and your a terrible announcer too. Why would ESPN hire you and your beige ESPN sweaters. (seen above). Also, please stop making quotes like “They are looking for a quick shot here.” (Talking about Kansas State). Kansas State was down 5 points with 19 seconds left. NO WAY BOB KNIGHT NO WAY THEY WERE LOOKING FOR A QUICK SHOT.

Brent Musberger(seen above)- Boring, old, favors Texas, has a good ole’ pal named Bob Knight. Also makes terrible quotes. Not worse that Bobby’s though. Also, Burnt Cheeseburger.

Jay Bilas- Ehh he is okay.

Rece Davis- Terrible. His voice me frustrated.

Len Elmore- Very, very boring. States the obvious as well.        TRENDING TOPIC- stating the obvious.

John Maddon- (see TRENDING TOPIC)

Steve Lavin- Slicked back hair.

Trey Wingo- NFL Live and Women’s basketball. Yeah NFL live is cool, but not in June and July when nobody gives a ‘hoot’ about NFL. Oh and you are the host on both of these shows, where is the expertise?

Adam Shefter- Young, annoying, really annoying, NFL live in the summer again…Eh you get the jest of it.

There are many more anyone can add, however this is mainly just an opinion formed by RD sports although most people probably don’t like Bob Knight either, except in Hoosier town and Lubbock, Texas. Also seniors might not either, because they could have respected him as coach when he just might have been cool.


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