Brian Scalabrine’s Tuesday Afternoon Notes

– NBA Gm’s are excited about Demarcus Cousins in the draft and they are favoring him.

– Game 3 of the NBA Finals is tonight between the Lakers and the Celtics.  It should be a good one and you should read ESPN’s article about Rajon Rondo.  Very good…very good.

– The Clippers are interested in Lebron, oh but wait ESPN, who isn’t? Yes just about every team in the NBA is interested in Lebron except for the Lakers, so go write about something else please…

– Two Kentucky baseball players were drafted in the 4th round of the MLB draft today, even though a year ago James Paxton was supposed to be in the top 10 list of prospects.  Oh what can happen in a year.

-That’s just about it, there’s no other news.

– Oh wait, what does Scalabrine have to do with this post?  Yes, the Finals are tonight at 9 in Boston.. watch it and maybe you will see him at the end of the bench for the Celtics.


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