Traditional Tuesday Pick

– Ok, so I got two right so far this week for my picks, and I saw the razor today playing putt putt with his girlfriend (kinda cool, but not great because he didn’t play much this year).  The Lakers won game one like I predicted and Rafeal Nadal won the French Open.  I still have to wait on the NHL game and the NBA Finals, along with Stephen Strasburg tonight.  I will update after Strasburg pitches.  There was no hurricane or tropical storm though, so I lost that one.  Now to this weeks picks…

-I will take Boston tonight over the Lakers in game 3.

– I will take England over the United States in the HUGE World Cup game this Saturday ESPN.  Yes ESPN I just advertised for you.  Our 1 million viewers now know to watch ABC on Saturday.

– I will take South Africa over Mexico on Friday.

– I will predict that the Cavs will NOT find a coach in the next week.

– I will take the Blackhawks over the Flyers in Game 6 and win the Stanley Cup.

– And now for the random pick of the week…

– I predict that Jack Totty will say the word open at least two times… and that there will be 3 days of rain before next Tuesday in Winslow, Arizona.

– Strasburg won so that is 3 correct picks from last week.


2 Responses to Traditional Tuesday Pick

  1. Coop the Woop says:

    I predict that the Lakers will win it all and kobe will get another FINALS MVP and all of you will have to bow down to him while Lebron goes and plays for the worst team ever and then no one cares about him anymore

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