Spin’s Friday News and Views

Alright so I am gone for 5 days and suddenly Colorado is in the Pac 10 and all this conference expansion. What the hell man?!?! I am so lost. Once I get it back together i will have more posts but for now:

-It looks as though Chicago won the Stanley Cup. Did not hear about that..

-Lakers-Celtics tied..Good

-John Wall signed with Reebok. Why…why not Nike?

-Izzo is close to signing with the Cavs. Please don’t. Only team good in the Big 10 that is interesting to watch..Do not leave great coach. Do not leave. Oh wait, I forgot because apparently like 4 other teams are now in the Big 10 it might not be the best team anymore. Gosh, why wouldn’t they just move one team or two, and not dismantle the whole damn Big 12.

-Give thanks to BD (Ben Davis) for taking RD into his own hands for a few days. Raise the roof everyone for Ben.

-Oh and the World Cup. Did not see that one approaching. Enjoy some nice futbol.


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