RD’s Fan of the Day Needs Conference Expansion Notes

– As I said earlier, Nebraska moved from the Big 12 to the Big 10 yesterday.  Also today, Colorado announced that it would be moving from the Big 12 to the Pac 10. This means that the whole Big 12 conference relies on a few of its teams decisions at this point.  Texas and Oklahoma could possibly go somewhere else leaving no Big 12 whatsoever.  Or the Big 12 could keep all of its remaining teams and add teams like TCU or Utah .  This would be the best case scenario in my mind because it would not effect the SEC, which I like.

– Also, there is a report that Oklahoma State has left to go the the Pac 10.  I do not believe that this is true, but lets hope not, because then scenario one would happen.

– Our fan is confused and needs the time of the NBA Finals game tonight.  It is at 9 on ABC.  The series is currently 2-1 Lakers, so hopefully Boston, (even though our fan may think otherwise..cough..cough.. bandwagon..cough) can win it to even out the series.

– USC football was put on 2 year probation today, which means they will not be able to go to any bowl games in the next 2 years.  With Lane Kiffen though, they probably wouldn’t have gone anyway.

– The World Cup starts tomorrow morning featuring Mexico and South Africa.  Count on RD to keep you covered on everything World Cup, including Drogba’s arm, and Altidore’s ankle. The huge game is Saturday afternoon when the U.S. plays England, and almost everyone will be watching.  After the South Africa game tomorrow I will give you my picks and takes on the World Cup and provide a preview for Saturday’s match in the pitch. No I am not Andy Gray or Clyde Tilsley.

Nothing else


One Response to RD’s Fan of the Day Needs Conference Expansion Notes

  1. Coop the Whoop says:

    I am pretty sure that I am not confused… the only way Boston will win is if that Irish guy gets in the game and scores 40.

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