Bob Dylan’s Saturday Mornin’ News and Views

– John Wall will be the #1 pick of the NBA draft. Yeah, not Evan Turner.

-Demarcus Cousins is sitting in the mock draft around the top #5. Patterson is climbing his way up and might be picked in the top 14. Orton is slightly moving on down and has drifted from about 14-24. Bledsoe remains at about #18- early second round. Predict for all to be picked in the first round.

-Today, OJ Simpson murdered his ex wife and her friend. A piece of history.

-South Korea beat down on Greece. Does Greece need anymore pain with this economic downfall?

-Argentina is currently beating Nigeria 1-0 at about halftime.

-USA faces England today in a much anticipated matchup between allied countries but also rivals.

-Give props to Jack Totty, (Tots) (Jtots) (Jack) (Jackson) (Seward) (Totty) (Jtot95ya) (JT). It was a great first post Tots.

-Also, this one guy Bo Phillips wants to become a writer. (See last post with the two really big comments). We might hold a contest between a few people. Or we might just let em’ in. Brad Pollard will be expected to join the site as well shortly.

Now that we are done with the notes,

Listen to some good ole’ Bob Dylan


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