Jack’s First Saturday MLB News and Views

Final Game Scores of the night:

Chicago White Sox- 10 Chicago Cubs- 5

NY Yankees- 4 Houston Astros- 3

Not too hard to predict… you guessed it, the Orioles lost once again…

New York Mets- 5 Baltimore Orioles- 1 (But they still have more wins than Big 10 teams score in a half of basketball, thats is 14 wins, yup thats more.)

Kansas City Royals- 6 Cincinnati Reds- 5 (see below for details)

Boston Red Sox- 12 Philadelphia Phillies- 2

Baseball hasn’t gotten too much love lately with the NBA Finals and conference expansions going on, but that is why I am here to cover all of RD Sport’s fans baseball needs.

The Reds faced the highly intimidating KC Royals tonight with Bruce Chen on the mound (anybody heard of him… anybody? No? Okay!) Anyways, the Reds played a good game, Bronson Arroyo pitching and having his team take a 4-0 lead until the fifth  inning and then it all went downhill (something that Arroyo is good at doing). The Reds then let up 5 runs in 2 innings (the fifth and the sixth) to go down 5-4 for the time being. The Reds got the game tying run in the eighth inning, pretty clutch just like they always are, but then when it was needed it didn’t come in the eleventh inning and instead the Royals scored a run that Cincinnati couldn’t match this time around. They play the next two nights in this three game homestand.

I just want to thank JR and BD for welcoming me to the website and I am excited about being part of the site and will be writing much more often these days.


One Response to Jack’s First Saturday MLB News and Views

  1. Dad says:

    Good job Jack.

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