National Asparagus Festival’s Friday Notes

– Right now the National Asparagus festival is occurring in Shelby, Michigan.  Sounds like a fun family trip! Who wants to go?

Jack Totty will be joining the site tonight, and this is pretty big.  He should have a big post about the Reds and baseball notes soon, so make sure you see that.  Jack will be great to have for his baseball news and views, including other regular sports posts.

– Apparently Texas and Oklahoma are going to be among 5 Big 12 teams to join the Pac-10.  This will be huge, leaving no Big 12 conference at all.  This will frankly screw EVERYTHING up.  This will leave most importantly Kansas with no home, so they will have a big decision to make.

– Boston evened out the series last night, showing the power of Brian Scalabrine on you sideline.  Just great…a great ole’ fellah.

– South Africa tied with Mexico in the opening round today of the world cup.  France and Uruguay also tied, so this should be an exciting cup. The huge game between the US and England tomorrow, which will split the Rackmil family.  More on the Cup in the morning.


2 Responses to National Asparagus Festival’s Friday Notes

  1. Bo Phillips says:

    I love this website and I’m hoping to become a writer sometime before school starts in August

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