That One Spectator Who Was Struck by Lightning’s Sunday Afternoon Recap

Thats a cow. Ehh, it looks like it will be okay.

-World Cup action today, Slovenia ousted Algeria 1-0.

-Germany annihilated Australia today 4-0.

-9th inning Florida St vs Vanderbelt with 2 outs, 7-6 FSU. We will see who wins this game later in the post. By the way, this is to advance in the College World Series.

-Ghana beat Serbia 1-0 as well today. At least there were no ties.

-Florida State pitcher struck out last batter with men on base. Hmm. Yeah they won.

-There still might be light for the Big 12. Doubt it though.

-Laker Celtics game tonight. As you can see in the post before. Tell us writers at RD who is going to win.

-Finally, on this day, a random spectator at the U.S Open at Hazeltine in Minnesota was struck by lightning in 1991. That really sucks.


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