Sunday Night World Cup Notes

Does this have anything to do with the World Cup? No its just plain funny.

– Before the World Cup, I will be posting about the U.S. Open this week at Pebble Beach.  I will cover it, because frankly my dear, I pretty good with it.

Ghana defeated Serbia on a last second penalty kick today, 1-0 and I was cheering for them, because frankly, I like Ghana.

– Is Frankly the word of the day… maybe

– Germany flat out destroyed Australia 4-nil Clyde Tilsbey.

Slovenia beat Algeria today 1-0 in the pitch Andy Gray.

– Zach Myers could join for awhile to cover the World Cup in depth, since he is the major soccer player, since he is Didier Frogba Myers.

– Boston and Rajon Rondo are currently beating the Lakers, which will show Kobe that the woman in Colorado is not the only woman on Lakers team.  Has Lebron does that to any woman, the answer is NO.

– Hopefully the Big 12 will stay in tact. We just need till about next Tuesday to figure how this conference alignment thing is going to unveil.  Count on RD to cover all of the conference alignment situations.

– Don’t you guys need some baseball updates?  Hopefully Jack can fill us in…


2 Responses to Sunday Night World Cup Notes

  1. Chris Ross says:

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  2. Thanks Chirs! Your blog is great! If you could be a daily viewer of our site that would be just awesome! Thanks bro!

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