The Big 12’s Late Monday Night Notes

Will this be the new logo of the Big 12? But it is the Big 10? Your confusing me

– Well lets first start off with this. Sorry all you millions of viewers that we have not gotten any posts up lately. It is indeed summer, we are quite busy, we are sorry.

-JT will indeed make more posts. We have received a tun of inquires about JT and his advancement on RD Sports.

-Now, lets get to the notes. Shall we?

-It looks as though the Big 12 will remain and keep the Texas and Oklahoma teams. Colorado and Nebraska, are gone with the wind. Because frankly my dear, Colorado and Nebraska do not give a damn. (See video below). Well this leaves us with only 10 teams in the Big 12, and 12 teams in the Big 10! Thats so confusing! Yeah it is, they might change the names I don’t know, but the Big 12 should add two more teams like Utah, New Mexico, UNLV, TCU, ideally the Mountain West Conference. That would be a fantastic idea.

-Celts take game 5, take control of the series. Boom. Celts I believe will win in 7. Like my original prediction. The only bad thing is that they are probably going to win in L.A which won’t be fun for either teams or fans.

-World Cup Notes- Today’s games. Netherlands beat Denmark 2-0. Japan ousted Cameroon 1-0. Italy had a solemn tie with Paraguay at 1 all.

-Tomorrow the games will be- New Zealand vs Slovakia. Ivory Coast vs Portugal. Brazil vs North Korea. Maybe a new writer, Zach Myers (Picture below) will write about the World Cup with his expertise. He is a big Ivory Coast fan. He likes Drogba. Look for Portugal and that prick Ronaldo to take them down. We will have to see who wins and what BD’s traditional tuesday picks will be tomorrow.

-On a last note, Tayshaun Prince, fellow UK basketball player, now playing on the Detroit Pistons, team USA, and has won 1 or 2 championships in the NBA, might be traded. He could go to Sacramento for the #5 draft pick in order for Detroit to get their hands on Cousins or Derrick Favors.

What ever he is doing down there, I do not know, however he does know his stuff about the world cup.


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