Traditional Tuesday Pics

Watch out… My picks might take a pic of you.

Before the picks lets get to some news shall we?

– An exciting game in Group G of the World Cup.  The Ivory Coast and Portugal tied 0-0.

Brazil beat the North Koreans 2-1, which means that the North Koreans did not set their nuclear missile to the right setting.

New Zealand tied Slovakia 1-1.

Now to the picks…

– I picked 4 correct this week, as the Blackhawks and Celtics won.  The Cavaliers did not find a coach, and Jack Totty said open 4 times last week.  It only rained two days in Winslow, Arizona this week, so I lost that.  Also, England and South Africa both tied their matches, so I lost those.

– I predict that the United States will beat Slovenia on Friday in its fixture in the pitch.  We all hear the slight echo of USA USA in the background.

– I will say that Argentina and South Korea will tie their match.  This one’s for U Yeong…

I will take the Lakers tonight in game 6 of the finals, but I will take Boston winning in 7 games, along with Brian Scalabrine not scoring a point.

– I will say that Tiger Woods will finish in the top 10 at Pebble Beach in the U.S. Open. If Jack reads this he will have said it 5 times.

– For the random picks… I will say that the West Indies will beat South Africa in the HUGE Cricket game next Tuesday.  I know our viewers will be waiting for that one.  Also, Pau Gasol will get a bloody nose in tonights game against the Celtics.


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