The Mountain West and Conference Changes

The Mountain West has 9 teams in it. Or had. Or will have. Gosh, this is confusing. Okay well Utah left the Mountain West to be the Pac 10’s 12th team. I know it does not make sense with the names. This is great for Utah. Finally they are in a power conference and can show their skills off. Now the Big 12 only has 10 teams in it. They NEED 12 or else it will just be stupid with the conference tournaments and other things like that they can easily pick up either TCU or BYU. That would be good. Only problem is that both would be in the Big 12 North and TCU is in the South. Now the Big 10 has 12 teams. Gah, just forget about it. Oh and the first line means that the MWC had 9 teams, then had 8 with Utah leaving, now has 9 again because Boise State is coming in 2011. Why are they coming in 2011 and not now? Because they need to have one more EXTREMELY EASY SCHEDULE, I mean,  set up everything and become organized.


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