The Smurf’s Late Wednesday Night Notes

-First off, I would like to apologize for no Wacky Wednesday Writings. Much apologies.

-Still no word on JT coming to the site. No idea what is running through that fellas mind. Apparently he would rather be a “reader than a writer and that he has writers block.” Here at RD we can give him a good ole’ C’mon man, really?

-Now to the notes…

-Utah has joined the Pac 10, or now Pac 12. Wait what? No but really, this is pretty good for the Utah Utahians or Utes or what ever they are called over there .

-No big baseball news, or is there? Come on Tots.

-The Smurfs have a new movie coming out? Yeah it’s like animated and stuff. (Link seen below) The topic actually had to do with the Smurfs. LINK IS HERE BUT THAT VIDEO BELOW IS PRETTY FUNNY:

That is all for the notes. Game 7 tomorrow night. More on FIFA in next posts.


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