The Terrific Thurman Thomas’ Thursday Tabu

– Because a poor internet connection and the fact that I had a guf, I mean GOLF tournament this morning in Louisville, I was not able to do a Wednesday Writing.  I’m going to make up for it with this unique Thursday Tabu.

– The U.S. Open starts today, and currently K.J. Choi is leading at -3.  Tiger Woods tees off a little after 4, so that will be interesting to see how he does.

Argentina destroyed K.J. Choi’s homeland of South Korea 4-1 in a major score fest.  Gonzalo Higuain had a hat trick, which supported the funny and entertaining own goal by Park-Chu Young.  His comrade and compatriot Lee Chu Young scored Korea’s only goal.

– Greece defeated Nigeria today 2-1, which is Greece’s only victory in the World Cup ever.  Zeus really looked over them today.

– This has nothing to do with Thurman Thomas, he was just the only person that I could think of that would fit on a Thursday Tabu.

– Kendrick Perkins is out for game 7 of the finals tonight because a knee injury. The crazy foreigner (Pau, yes Pau, not Paul, Gasol) should have his way tonight.  I’m hoping for a upset win tonight for the Celtics, although a former RD fan of the day would rather see Kobe not do work. Game time 9:00.

– In a bit of sad, and also weird news today, a South African man was beaten to death by his wife and kids because he wanted to watch the South African World Cup match instead of religious programming.  Who wouldn’t?  He told his family he wanted to watch soccer instead of the gospel program that they were watching. When he got up to change the channel, his 68 year old wife and 36 year old son beat him to death.  Now at RD let’s give his family a big “CMON people, its a TV.”


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