Manute Bol, World Cup, and U.S. Open’s Saturday Notes

Manute Bol passed away today at the age of 47 because of an ongoing disease.  He was most remember for his outrageous height.  He played for 4 different NBA teams, mostly the Golden State Warriors, and was known for his height and nack for blocking shots.

Ghana and Australia tied today 1-1. Ghana is ZM’s favorite African team, and we all know that he would like to see them come out of their group.  They just need a draw or win in their next game.

– The Flying Dutchman [TFDM] of the Netherlands defeated the Japanese today 1-0.  Looks like those Japanese just couldn’t get their Iphone’s and high tech cars to work right this morning.

– Denmark beat Cameroon today 2-1, after many Cameroon shots on goal.  The Cameroonians proved to be the more athletic and talented team, they just couldn’t put their speed and talent at a level that would allow them to win the game.

Tiger recorded a 66 today, after a miraculous back nine.  He is now -1 in the tournament putting him 4 shots back at the moment.  This could set up for one of his huge comebacks on Sunday in a major championship.  Graeme Micky Micky Dowel is currently leading at 5 under par. Ryo Ishikawa from Japan is in 6th place currently at even.  That’s pronounced ROY.  I do believe that they misplaced the y and the o when naming him.


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