The World Cup

We are still in group stage. However, we at RD would just like to update you what has happened this whole World Cup.

Group A: Uraguay, Mexico, France, South Africa. Uraguay and Mexico have 4 points and France and South Africa both have 1. Mexico plays Uraguay and France plays South Africa. Whoever wins, Mexico vs Uraguay will advance to the next round. Also, whoever wins, South Africa vs France might be able to advance based on goals scored but France and South Africa NEED a win or else they are gone and they need Uraguay and Mexico not to tie either.

Group B: Argentina, South Korea, Greece, Nigeria. Argentina has 6 points, South Korea and Greece has 3 points, and Nigeria has 0. Greece plays Argentina while South Korea plays Nigeria. Nigeria really has basically no chance of moving on. It will play out to Argentina most defiantly in while the second team could either be South Korea or Greece.

Group C: United States, Algeria, England, Slovenia. Slovenia has 4 points, US and England have 2, and Algeria has 0. US plays Algeria while England plays Slovenia. US needs a win or a tie and England ties to get in. Algeria won’t move on but between US, England, and Slovenia, it could go anyway.

Group D: Ghana, Germany, Australia, Serbia. Ghana has 4 points, Germany has 3, Serbia has 3, and Australia has 1. Ghana plays Germany in a critical game while Australia plays Serbia in another critical game. Whoever moves on could go anyway as well.

Group E: Netherlands, Japan, Cameroon, Denmark. Netherlands has 6 points, Japan has 3, Denmark has 3, and Cameroon has 0. Cameroon plays the Netherlands while Denmark plays Japan. Netherlands will move on probably but Japan and Denmark will go down to the final outcome of their game. That is a huge game to see who will advance.

Group F: Paraguay, Italy, New Zealand, Slovakia. Paraguay has 4 points, while Italy, New Zealand, and Slovakia all have 1. New Zealand and Italy are playing right now and the score is tied at 1. This is a big game. Slovakia plays Italy and Paraguay plays New Zealand in their last game in group stage. It is no question that the Italians are struggling. More on the games today later.

Group G: Brazil, Ivory Coast, Portugal, North Korea. This is probably the best group. Brazil has 3 points, Portugal and Ivory Coast both have 1, and North Korea has 0. North Korea still has to play Portugal then Brazil plays Ivory Coast later today. Then Brazil plays Portugal and Ivory Coast plays North Korea. This group could go any way with this many games left.

Group H: Chile, Switzerland, Honduras, Spain. Chile and Switzerland have 3 while Honduras and Spain both have 0. This, like group G has more and more games left. This group can go any way as well.

-More on the World Cup and how it plays out today later.


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