Traditional Tuesday Picks

Must have gotten some pretty lucky picks last week…

I did pretty well this week in my Traditional Tuesday Picks.  I got 3 out of 5 picks correct this week. I picked that the Lakers would win game 6 and the Brian Scalabrine would not score a point.  I was correct on those and that Tiger Woods would finish in the top 5 of the U.S. Open.  Also, the West Indies beat South Africa in the HUGE HUGE Cricket match.

– I think that USA will beat Algeria tomorrow in the big match in the pitch in South Africa.

– I believe that England and Slovenia will tie tomorrow leaving England out of the round of 16 and the USA in 1st place in the group.

– I think that the Red Sox will beat the Rockies tonight by at least 2 runs.

– By next week Nadal, Federer, and Serena Williams will still be alive in Wimbeldon.

– Clemson will beat Oklahoma to advance to the College World Series.

For the random pick of the week…

– Jozy Altidore’s stomach bug will not turn into a rapid growing virus or fungus.

– The lottery picks shown above will not win anything considering they are not real.


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