Boogie goes #5 and Ppat Goes Lottery

He got a lot of calls before he was selected I bet.

Demarcus ‘Boogie’ Cousins goes #5. 5-14

6- Golden State- Ekpe Udoh- Baylor. The ‘K’ is silent.

7-Detroit- Greg Monroe-Georgetown. He is pretty good.

8-La Clippers- Al-Farouq Aminu- Wake Forrest. Yeah, you guessed it, he is indeed a decent from a Nigerian King.

9- Utah- Gordon Hayward- Butler. He should have gone 10 to Indiana, but Utah decided to not let that happen.

10- Indiana- Paul George- Fresno St. Ever heard of him?

11-New Orleans- Cole Aldrich-Kansas. No comment.

12- Memphis- Xavier Henry- Kansas. Za-Vee-Ay.

13- Toronto- Ed Davis- North Carolina. He isn’t very good.

14- Houston- Patrick Patterson- Kentucky. This is great. He wanted to go lottery and he did. What a legacy and a great player he is.

More on 15-30 later.


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