J.A Adande’s Short Sunday Night Record

J.A sure does love his Lakers and L.A teams..What? That is a dog.

-Germany smashed England today 4-1. However, a trending topic is that the FIFA World Cup refs suck. They blew the US Slovenia game and England actually tied things up in this game 2-2, however the refs are so blind that they cannot see that the ball hit the top bar and bounced in and the goalie grabbed it. Wow. Also, the first goal in the Argentina- Mexico game in which Argentina won 3-1, they missed that the first goal scored by Argentina was offsides. Again, wow. Use replay refs..

-Yep, you guessed it, J.A Adande does not have anything to do with this post.

-Brazil plays Chile tomorrow also Holland plays Slovakia.

-I think Brazil will go all the way and win the World Cup.

-Finally, a spotting at the USA game was that Bill Clinton and Mick Jagger were in a box together. NO J.A, Kobe was not there.


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