The O’ Jays’ Monday Morning Notes

We are not endorsing this… The song is only in the commercial…

– First, let’s welcome two new viewers, Jacob Porter and Lorin Harris.  One of which will probably not view, but let’s give them a big RD welcome. Also, this day 40 years ago, The O’ Jays released their most famous song (seen below).

Now to the real notes…

– It is believed that Chris Henry died last year to brain damage, according to researchers.

– The Bulls seem to be the leaders in the Lebron James signing, and the Nets seem to be the leaders in the Dwayne Wade signing.  Also, Chris Bosh wants to be with Lebron, now let’s just picture that team for a minute… Automatic championship maybe…

– Manny Paquiao is now a member of congress in the Philippines. That must be pretty intimidating…

– The Yankees scored 6 runs in the ninth inning to defeat the Dodgers.  Way to go Dodgers…

– Now let’s get some soul refreshing, down home songs, from the O’ Jays.


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