The Karate Kid’s Trainer’s Monday Night Notes

Nope, that’s not a Bonsai tree, or Kid Cudi, however Kid Cudi and a Bonsai tree are below. NOTE: Kid Cudi video does include some explicit language. Just giving a heads up. FOUR. Now onto the notes…

-Brazil dismantled Chile today in a 3-0 blowout. Yeah, go Brazil (ENTHUSIASM)

-Netherlands also beat Slovakia today 2-1. An RD fan of the day named Cooper Van Tatenhove will be happy about that one. Get it? Van Tatenhove is a dutch name and his family of generations ago is from there. Yeah he is pulling for them.

-Nothing else really happened today except I checked Rivals recruiting and like 5 guys in the top 25 have Kentucky on ‘High.’


-Spain vs Portugal. Huge game. Wow that is going to be a big one. Go Portugal, 3rd favorite team in the World Cup right now behind Brazil and Argentina.

-Paraguay plays Japan. Not really an interesting game except Paraguay is good. Pretty much all South American teams this World Cup have been extremely good.

-Oh yeah, the MUCH anticipated game between the Oakland A’s and the Baltimore Orioles is tomorrow. Just kidding, not even people in Oakland care. Maybe in Baltimore, but they like lacrosse a little better. Anybody care to lax? (video below also)

Really boring, however a war bonsai is a little to graphic.


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