Woodrow Wilson’s Wonderful Wednesday Works

Has a great name for the Wednesday Alliterations.

-Roger Federer lost today in 4 sets to Tomas Berdych today. It looks as though Rafeal Nadal is the man to beat and BD’s traditional tuesday pick might just be correct.

-No FIFA games today, however Spain beat Portugal 1-0 on a David Villa rebound put back.

Paraguay beat Japan in a penalty shoot out 5-3. The score was 0-0 before the shoot out.

-Woodrow Wilson has nothing to do with this post at all. He just has a good name with 2 W’s.

-The final 8 teams stack up like this:

1. Brazil

2. Spain

3. Argentina

4. Netherlands

5. Germany

6. Uruguay

7. Paraguay

8. Ghana

The games are:

Uruguay vs Ghana, Germany vs Argentina, Brazil vs Netherlands, Spain vs Paraguay

Uruguay vs Argentina, Brazil vs Spain

Argentina vs Brazil


-Now the first 4 games are all the games being played this week, but the ‘winners’ are just my predictions. Now, not to leave you millions of people bored.. Here is some good ole’ Animals.


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