FIFA World Cup Players, The Annoying Ones

Miroslav Klose- (1st picture)

Carlos Tévez- (2)

Robin Van Persie (3)

Gianluigi Buffon 4

Vincenzo Iaquinta 5

Andrea Pirlo 6

Daniele De Rossi 7

Zambrotta 8

Camoranesi 9

Schweinsteigheiafdiafhdsiafdsa 10

Mesut Ozil 11

Puyol 12

Xavi 13

David Villa 14

Agh Klose…

Classic Tevez

Van Tatenhove loves this guy


Need I say more?




Maybe the worst.

Schiwnstigedafda. Wait, what is his last name?

Is he a lizard or does he just have REALLY big eyes?

What a BA.

This guys name is XAVI.

No comment needed at all.

Well, that took for ever. Now you know my opinion of these annoying players in the World Cup. They just make you let out a sigh.


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