Joey Chestnut’s Sunday Afternoon Notes

– Yes I know that the last time I made a post was last Tuesday, but my computer is not working, so I will try to catch up today and tomorrow with a bunch of posts.

– Yes, you guessed it, Joey Chestnut won the hot dog eating contest today eating 54 “dawgs” in 10 minutes. No Georgia, please do not file a lawsuit against me for using your wording of “dawgs.”  Also, Takike Takaka Takuki Kobiashi, last years champ, and a very well known figure in competitive eating was arrested today after trying to go on stage after the competition. He tried to escape, but failed, meaning he needed all of his smart cars from his homeland to come save him.  Man is competitive eating intense.

– In less important sports news, just kidding, Rafael Nadal won Wimbledon today over Berdych.  This was his 8th grand slam title, bringing him to half of Roger Federer.  And NO Berdych did not get arrested.

– Amare Stoudimire and the Knicks met today, and no one really cares.

– Lance Armstrong is Living Strong and doing good in the Tour de France.

– Spain is looking to bench their striker Torres in Tuesday’s semifinal.

– I will have more later….


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