Daniel Orton’s Horrendous Pro Debut and Other Monday Notes

Sup Daniel…

– Daniel Orton had a horrible pro debut today going 1-8 from the field, 3 points, 5 fouls, who knows how many goaltends, and an ejection. Yes, he got ejected from the game for throwing an elbow at Josh “Mcflurry” McRoberts, a dookie.  Hey at least he met his scoring average in college. He also had 13 minutes, sound familar? I try to cheer for this man, but he is really the only one I really hate.  Who does he think he is anyway? Steve Novak? (see below)

– The Georgia Athletic director is resigning after his DUI, especially since he realized a PSA earlier this year about drinking and driving.

-LebronLebronLebronDwayneDwayneDwayneAmareAmareAmareChrisChrisChris continues to run ESPN.

– Uraguay and the Netherlands play tomorrow…

– I think that the Netherlands will win the World Cup. Why did I not make that prediction tomorrow? Actually, I believe that JR will be making Traditional Tuesday Picks tomorrow, with a very punny picture of course, because I will be in Fort Knox for two days stealing gold, I mean playing golf.  He will be running the site for the next two days in my replacement.



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