Traditional Tuesday Picks

You might get Pick’s disease after lookin’ at these daily picks!

-BD is at some golf tourney or something I believe so I will have to cover for him on his Traditional Tuesday Picks. As you can notice, Pick’s disease was my punny picture. BD got 5 out of 5 picks correct last week, not counting the one about Paul Pierce resigning with the Celtics because he has not done that yet and it could be a long process. Now on to the picks…

-I will pick Spain to beat Germany tomorrow in the last World Cup semi.

Klose will score a goal for Germany.

David Villa will score a goal for Spain.

The who will get Lebron saga will continue for another week and maybe more.

-Chris Bosh will sign with a team before next tuesday.

For the random pick

-Ex head Seton Hall basketball coach Gonzalez will be released from prison in less than a week after shoplifting in some store.


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