Willy Wonka’s Wild Wednesday Writings

Extraordinarily creepy

– Spain beat Germany 1-0 today. The one goal score was from my boy Puyol in his crazy header. (Could be transformed into a pun based on the fact that he has a full head of hair.) (picture and video of the goal seen below). I was wrong on 2 of those picks that Klose and David Villa would score.

-My tuesday picks were really awful. Lebron is expected to sign on thursday with whatever team. Yeah I predicted it would go on for longer.

-In other news….Chris Bosh, Cb4 has signed with the Heat along with Dwayne Wade, DWADE.

-Somehow, the Reds are on fire and just might make the playoffs, playoffs? JT will be VERY happy about this one because his beloved Bengals made the playoffs, playoffs? Okay now it is kind of getting old. By the way, that video is below also. ANYWAYS, JT’s beloved Bengals seem to make the playoffs and then lose in the first game. Maybe, just maybe his Reds can do something this year.

-What is up with the Padres? I thought they were awful and now apparently they are winning the National League? Okay..that just shows how lopsided baseball is. You can have a good year and then do terrible (Phillies). Or you can do awful, then amazing. (Padres).


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