Calvin Borel’s Cajun Friday Notes

E one de Tucky Erby

– Lebron James is on the heat. Yes, we already know that.

-As expected, Calvin Borel has nothing to do with this post.

-World Cup very soon. Excited for ESPAÑA to take the cup home.

-Cliff Lee is now on the Yankees. JT is VERY ticked off about this one because Cliff Lee decided to take the money instead of go to some city north of Kentucky. Yes JT, that is Cincinnati.

UPDATE: This is BD.  JR must have heard from false sources, that were not legit, because, in fact, Cliff Lee is on the Rangers in part of a 6 player deal. So NO New York, and NO Cincinnati.  Just wanted to clear that up for our viewers. Also, BD is in fact for the Netherlands and Cooper’s long long longgggggggg relations to the country to bring home the cup.

-NBA summer league has started and I know everyone is extremely excited for that one.

Now, listen to some good ole’ 80’s hairband Mötley Crüe


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