Stump The Schwab’s Saturday Stumpfest

This is a special post today. We at RD are putting on a trivia! Yes, a trivia. First this post will have some situational saturday notes, and then onto the stumpfest. Before you ask JT, yes Charles Schwab is also a investment firm, but this guy is a sports fanatic.

Quick Notes:

Uruguay and Germany are tied at halftime 1-1. We will have more on that later. This has really been bugging me Chris Fowler, it is pronounced UR-A-GUAY. Not R-A-GUAY.

NBA summer league is still going on and we are SO excited about that.

The ESPY’s award show is on July 14th and John Wall is nominated for 2 awards. Best Breakthrough Athlete and Best College Player.

BD is in North Carolina for whoever knows how long and I will be heading to Oregon on monday for 2 weeks. RD will be on a vacation week for about 1 week and I am sorry to say, we will have no posts. However we will be back soon.

Also, I apologize for the mistake yesterday about Cliff Lee to the Yanks. JT was complaining all day about how the Yankees get everything and I guess I should choose my sources a little wiser. Even though I saw it on ESPN, I forgot to make an update about him actually going to the Rangers. Thank you BD for putting in that update.


1) Tyson Gay beat Asafa ______ in the 100 meter dash today.

2) Everyone in ________ is really mad at _______ for _______ to go to the  _________.

3) David ________ and David _______ are on Spain although David ______ is generally taking up the spot as bench warmer.

4) Fernando ________ is trying extremely hard to convince ________ del ________ to let him start in front of _______.

5) Van _________ loves his Dutchmen and will be rooting hard for the ________ to lose.




2) Cleveland, Lebron, going, Heat.

3) Villa, Silva, Silva.

4) Torres, Vincinte, Bosque, Pedro.

5) Tatenhove, Spanish.

If you got 14/14 correct, you stumped the Schwab. 11-13? You did pretty good, probably got confused. 8-10? You totally messed up one question. 5-8? You don’t know your stuff. 2-5? Fail. 0-2? No comment necessary.

Maybe one more post tonight we will see.


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