The Wacky William Wallace Wade’s Wednesday Writings

Howdy Fellah..

– William Wallace Wade was the Duke football coach in which their stadium was named after.  Wow he must have done pretty good with Duke football, they go like 1-12 on a regular basis… pretty good.. this guy even went 56-350 in his career.. oh were jealous.  Although none of us can really say the word of the organization that he worked for… this fellah must have been a pretty big shot.  Almost as big as Gene Wojokeskiskiski, Jon “Ya I’m Jon” Scheyer, Greggles Paulus, and Kyle “How can you look at my face without puking, or thinking of an actually devil” Singler….

– Sorry for the pause, I had to go throw up.

Bobby Johnson retired today, 3 weeks before the start of the season.

– The NL won the all-star game last night, for the first time since 1996.  Really no one cares..

– Tierry Henry signed with the New York Red Bulls making the MLS extremely popular and successful. Just kidding

– I now JR will like this, but Michigan Stadium will seat the most people in any stadium in America in 2010 with over 109,000.  Don’t tell JR this, but that will be 109,000 people watching Michigan lose to Ohio State, and maybe them missing a bowl game again, but that’s ok because even East Carolina made a bowl last year.  Shout out to Connor on that Ohio State, and you’ll get er next year Michigan.

– I have a streak of 6 for streak for cash on ESPN. Yessir.

– The ESPY’s are live tonight, and I will be watching. John Wall is up for two awards, but he will not be attending the show in L.A.

– Daniel Orton and the Magic have 2 votes in a poll on which UK players team you will be cheering the most for. Wonder why that is Daniel.. Oh that’s right backstabber, you thought you were a saint and would rather go to Kansas. Ya you would have gotten 1 point and 1 rebound per game there, and even made it to the second round of the NCAA’s.  You wouldn’t be on the Magic if you went there.  You do realize that don’t you.


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