The Wild Willie Wampuscat’s Wednesday Woast

I found one. I found one. Look at the wild wampus cat as it stalks it prey!

– Long time no post… I was a golf tournament that I did not think that I would be playing in the last few days, so I have been unable to post. I will be posting regularly now, and alot until JR joins us back from his Westward Movement/settlement/Lewis and Clark expedition..

– Big news round here is that Stephen Strasburg is pitching against Cincinnati tonight and it is tied 1-1.  He looks like Mike Kyckewskewskiscski.  Insert Devil jokes here. (see below)

– Quincy Miller is leaning slightly towards UK, and was given a 9 for trashing talking in player ratings.  I WANT HIM.

– Oh yeah Louis Oooooooooooooooooooosthuizen won the British Open at St. Andrews by 7 yes 7, not 6 shots on Sunday pulling away from the fighting Englishmen.

– Replace the W with and R and you get Roast.

– Speaking of Roast… I will take part in a roast session tomorrow about Indiana basketball and some comments from a person realted to them about why UK won its championships.  That will probably be the biggest post ever overtaking the Big Big Ten/11/12 rant.  That will be tomorrow afternoon.

– Ok somehow the nationals got up 7-1 since the time I turned it off. Typical Reds….

– Every football team in the confederacy. I mean SEC is just about getting investigated by the NCAA.

– Speaking of which the UK depth chart is out and it does not include Paul Warford, our best cornerback on the team because of academic issues.

– Reggie Bush has his Heisman Trophy still.. maybe not for long though…

Look at those enormous devil ears

Not only does he look like the devil, he is the devil.


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