Monday Night Notes

Is this how you got to 600 so fast? I think so…

– Well one interesting thing I learned yesterday was that Wandy Wodriguez pitched for the Legends in 2005…

– Anthony “Black Dynamite” Davis has knocked UNC off of his college list, giving good ole’ Roy a slap in the face.  This only makes it more likely that Davis will commit to UK.

Alex Rodriguez is going for his 600th home run if you haven’t turned on your television or internet in the last 5 days.  Mini Rant-  This is what I hate…. if it was David Ortiz or Albert Pujols going for this, no one would not be covering it.  But… it’s the Yankees, so we have to know everything about the situation including breaks in ESPN coverage just to watch him bat.

– Chris Paul did not ask to be traded, so it looks like him and Kobe are the only ones not trying to get on the Heat in any way possible.

The Bengals are talking to T.O. Time out??? No Terrel Owens. I don’t know why they would put Chad Johnson, I mean Esteban Ochocinco on the same team with this guy.

– The Titans are suing USC and Lane Kiffin… I mean who doesn’t?

– The Karen Sypher trial started today…. (see below)

Excuse the picture… I just thought it was pretty funny…


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