Tina Turner’s Triumphant Thursday Tabloid

Well, There was not crazy acronym for Wednesday or a post so I decided to make a terrific thursday tabloid/taboo.

-Nothing really going on recently except Ricky P and Karen Sypher fighting it out in court.

-Also TO is on the Bengals now which means Owens and Ochocinco on the same team. I feel bad for Carson Palmer. He will throw the ball to TO and Ocho will complain, and then the other way around it will be even worse. Wow. I am actually really excited to see how the Bengals will do next year. I think they will do okay but you never know. Even you don’t know Chris Mortensen, Adam Shefter, or you Mark Schlereth.

-The X Games are starting up…They are I guess a little entertaining if nothing else is on.

-A-Rod is stuck on 599 HRs and ESPN will explode when he gets that magic 600.

-Manchester United smashed the MLS all stars 5-2 today. It was also Manchester United’s B Team. That really says that the MLS all stars just flat out suck. Man U scored in the 1st minute even. Well, I guess the FIFA World Cup brought some entertaining soccer to the United States in which people actually cared, but now it will be just 4 more years until soccer is a sport that people pay attention to professionally.


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