Brett Favre Re-Un-Retires Again

Ahh.. I forgot about Adam, well at least he gives updates of players summer vacations on NFL Live…

– According to Ed Werder, Mark Schelreath, Trey Wingo, Merril Hodge, and John Clayton, Brett Favre has un-retired again. He told these men that he had not decided whether he would retire or not, and that if he was healthy, he would play.  We at RD give this story a “What else is new?”  By the way, this story broke on a 30 minute segment of August 2nd NFL off-season Live with these highly regarded football junkies.

– Also, A-Roid, I mean Rod hit his 600th home run today.  We at RD would like to give this a “FINALLY.” After watching every single at-bat that he had in the past 10 years, I mean 2 weeks. Tomorrow he plans to suit up for the Yankees, I mean he plans to suit up for his trainers appointment, where he will receive “Magic Potion,” in the form of a large needle. Next on his schedule, meetings with BALCO, saying he was naive, and that all he really wants is his $90 million, I mean to move on.  Sorry A-Fraud, I hate to say Roasted, no pun intended after you take your drugs tonight….


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