The Terrible Tim Tebow’s Tuesday Tabata


– Yes, Tim Tebow got an awful haircut…

– Well, long time no post… I will try to make more posts, like 1 or 2 a day in the coming weeks, because I have nothing to do until the 24th.

Shaq is now on the Celtics, making them a retirement home for all NBA players.’

Tiger is preparing for the PGA Championship, and it appears that he has hired a new swing coach after his atrocious +18 tournament at the WGC Bridgestone Invitational.

– Tracy McGrady has signed with the Detroit Pistons, making them even more irrelevant.

– Phil Mickleson has been diagnosed with arthritis, meaning that he is looking to sign with the Celtics in the near future.

– Does it seem like everything is golf and NBA? Yes it does.

The Jets are denying every Darrelle Revis $500 million offer, and it looks like he will sit out a year.  Your’e really somethin’ aren’t you Darrelle?

– Percy Harvin has migranes, which means he will be signing with the Pistons in the near future…

– UK is preparing for it’s Canada trip, and they could be going with a injured Terrence Jones, and they might have to leave Mr. Enes behind, because of the NCAA’s extremely slow decision on his eligibilty.

– We will have more on there trip later tonight or tomorrow morning…



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