Way To Go, Cincinnati

Imagine what this guy will be like when the Bengals make the 2nd round of the playoffs! And then look at this picture again to see what he is like  when they lose..

Well, this has to be said. To JT’s dismay, I think there might just be something up with Cincinnati teams just completely sucking when it comes down the stretch. Yeah, you got to the playoffs last year Bengals, but what did you do? Lose in the first round! Oh! No way! Then the Reds have not made the playoffs since something like 98′? (Correct me if I’m wrong). You see the Reds doing great and finally solving their problems and being 1st in the NL Central. Then the St. Louis Cardinals come down to Cincy for probably the biggest series of the year and they get swept and completely embarrassed. Now the Cardinals hold the NL Central lead coming down the stretch. This could easily change if the Reds go on a small win streak or what not, however, they are only down .5 games in the wild card race. Oh! Well, they will be just fine! No. They are tied with the Phillies and the Giants. 2 tough teams to get by. I like both the Bengals and the Reds and always cheer for them so I am not trying to bring them down, but just pointing this out. If the Reds acquire one more big named slugger, then I will think that they are well on there way to the post-season. It is the same with the Giants. They have the best pitching probably in the National League and probably second in the MLB to the Yankees. If they get one more slugger than I would think the same with them as well. It is going to be a very interesting race to watch.


One Response to Way To Go, Cincinnati

  1. Jack Totty says:

    Big Red Machine… 4 Super Bowls in a row….
    Cincinnati was THE sports city in the 70s…

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