RD Fan of the Day Likes to Spam

Was he browsing RD?

– Bo Phillips, todays RD fan of the day is trying to spam RD Sports with random websites with random comments. Frankly Bo, RD does not care about that random website about Big 10 football on the post about Cincinnati pro sports.

– PGA Championship is in process right now and I am assuming that BD will make a post about the winner later.

-Team USA beat France by 31. Oh yeah, I forgot that nobody cared and that they will snow plow every other country in their way by at least 20.

-The NFL preseason is here and before you know it the season will start to heat up.

-UK mens basketball team plays tonight in Canada. I am sure every Kentucky fan is excited to see the new players in blue.

You RD fans might just get lucky because I will probably make another post tonight on how the Kentucky game went- so get ready for a postnificent fun filled day.


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