Oh No….

Martin Kaymer won the PGA Championship today at Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wisconsin.  He won in a 3 hole playoff over my favorite Bubba Watson.  Although Martin Kaymer won, he was not the big story.  Dustin Johnson was leading at -12 after a huge birdie putt on the par 3 17th.  Both Kaymer and Watson were at -11, and Johnson still had to play the intimidating 18th hole, where only 1 birdie putt had been made the entire day.  Johnson hit a wild tee shot on 18 and it landed into a sand area, but it did not appear to be a bunker, because fans were standing in it, and there were footprints.  He made bogey to fall into a 3 way playoff, until a rules official told him the that sand that he was hitting out of was a bunker, not a waste area.  You are not allowed to touch the ground with your club while in a bunker, but in a waste area, you are.  Johnson grounded the club, meaning that he would have to take a 2 stroke penalty on the hole, resulting in him losing the tournament.  So, a stupid rule and decision just killed this guys career moment, and something that would make his career, if he had won in the playoff.

– Our man Jon Hood dunked tonight in the game in Windsor, as Jacob will probably have something about that, but ya he dunked.

– The Bengals won their exhibition game today since it wasn’t a playoff game.

– Andy Murray killed Roger Federer today in the Rogers Masters 7-5, 7-5.

– Kevin Harvick won the Nascar race today, and everyone is caring about this more than anything.  Only 500 of the 600 fans their today fell asleep at some point during the race. The other 100 couldn’t sleep because of the noise of the cars.

– Their was an all-star protest today at the Washington Nationals stadium.  It is planned for Arizona next year, and a few fans don’t have to papers to show for it.

-Thinking about starting a fantasy football league for RD writers and fans, so comment if you want to join.

– Oakland won a football game today… that’s a first.

UK plays tomorrow night at 7, so we will have coverage of that.


2 Responses to Oh No….

  1. i would love to join a fantasy league BD!

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