Up for Most Awkward Interview Ever


John Wall had one of the most awkward TV interviews ever when on ESPN’s First Take with Skip (You know you just want to punch him in the mouth when he is talking because he is annoying and has no idea what he is saying) Bayless. This is a show that used to be called like Cold Pizza or something weird like that, then it was named First and 10 all while still on ESPN. Then when they realized their only viewers were the restaurants, dentist offices, etc, it is now on ESPN2. That is the station on gameday that has games on it, not too bad of a station when you want to watch that, but it is also the station that has fly fishing, poker, and WNBA. If that floats your boat then thats your story,  but this could be the most awkward interview ever. And maybe even more awkward then the one below.. Enjoy the awkwardness.

Awkward John Wall Interview…

However, does that compare to this?


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